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The BBQ Cover Company was founded in 1985 and is a solely NZ-owned and operated company.

Purchased in August 2009 by North Shore Sewing Services, its focus remains the design and manufacture of quality affordable BBQ covers. North Shore Sewing Services is a contract manufacturer whose links with The BBQ Cover Company go back to the early 1990s, being responsible for the manufacture of many of its product range, including BBQ covers.

During this time North Shore Sewing Services also had a successful relationship with the NZ retail giant The Warehouse, manufacturing a range of products. Amongst other things, this included the design and manufacture of its original Gascraft branded BBQ covers, marketed very successfully under the Buy New Zealand Made Campaign.

Strengthened by the experience of its new management, The BBQ Cover Company will, through its design and choice of materials, continue to offer its customers not only a product which takes into account New Zealand’s varied and changeable climate – sun, wind, snow and everything in between – but also whenever possible a choice of size, price and color. Our company focus is about encouraging direct customer contact and feedback as this allows us to monitor a constantly changing marketplace.

The BBQ Cover Company is a Division of North Shore Sewing Services the trading entity of AW & MA Collie.